You have how many cats? Yes fifteen, but let me explain....we’ll get the easy ones out of the way first ... three are “fosters for a friend” kitten fosters that have made it to 11 months old without getting adopted. When you foster for a friend, there is no rescue backer, no help with care and no help with adopting. Two were quite feral and were a bit too shy for potential adopters. I have been trying to get volunteers to help with socializing them and they are doing much better! Two are officially mine - a very large beautiful black cat I call Bear and an orange tabby named Pepper that I officially adopted, both considered “foster fails”! Three actually are fosters for another rescue called The Furever Family Rescue and I don’t know why they weren’t grabbed when they were smaller but as a lot of us know as they grow they are harder to adopt out, one has become pretty shy and one is so good with the foster babies he may end up a “foster fail”. So that’s eight, five were abandoned by the rescues I was fostering for at the time and they also were getting too big to be adopted- some were sick or quarantined for the “cute” period that’s easier for them to be chosen. The last two were recent rescues- both from former neighbors, one older and one younger - the younger one was very sick and almost died. Four of the crew are black cats and as most of us cat people know they are harder to get adopted. Some have behavior issues we are working on and we are using Jackson Galaxy and his knowledge to see if we can get them to happy adoptable kitties. 

I have been fostering neonatal kittens and will continue to do so while I work my mission. I have been fostering mostly orphan kittens for almost 12 years from even a day old - probable more than 150 at this point! I love doing it and hopefully can integrate them when old enough and healthy enough into the mix of my Adopt a Grown Cat nonprofit cat cafe!